Xbox Repair Sendin For Cj Stumpf

Ok, one Xbox Repair Sendin completed. a Little background for you guys,

Ok guys this is why I tell people to watch who they buy from. Cj Stumpf Bought this console here is the actual message he sent to me and also I did this because I want people to know BUYER BEWARE. Just to show what can happen when you buy from an idiot.

Cj’s Exact message to me on messenger

“Hello. I was wondering if you could be any assistance to my situation. I heard from some people that you’d be the best to deal with and help me out. I’ll start off by saying that I got ripped off paying $225 for a trinity rgh that isn’t even properly working. He stated everything was working correctly and that it was plug and play. I was promised a hard drive with everything I need on it and some mod menu files, stealth server, etc.

It did not. It came with a blank hard drive with nothing on it but an outdated aurora dashboard, an xex menu, and a dash launch. That’s all. It did not come with any $$ystemUpdate$$ or anything. Upon further speculation from other modders, they had mentioned to see if I can eyeball the rgh chip, as the console has lights around it. One said the chip was supposed to be blinking. Mine is not. It’s just a stationary green light.

Now it is getting worse

So the guy said the rgh chip isn’t working properly. The one guy said he went to spy on the guy who sold me the console in a lobby on his other account. And the guy who had sold the console to me was telling people he sold a couple consoles to people and one if em was f*cked because he didn’t wire the ground wire to the chip. This guy Thomas who sold it to me said he wired for wires to the chip. When I’m pretty sure there’s more than 4 wires to an rgh chip. Anyhow it makes sense for it being that way because…not only that, I am having trouble with the stealth servers. I payed for a token and it let me connect to ninja. But it wouldn’t let me connect to Xbox live.

He is at his wits end.

I’ve tried everything ritually to fix it. Hook it up or do whatever I could to make it work and it just wont. And I think the problem lies between that chip being not even properly functioning. And I’ll also have a problem with my gta v game crashing any time I put any type of mod menu in my plugins. Without any mod menu in the plug ins, the game will start no problem. But it fatal crashed every time there is a mod menu set on it. Any who that’s about it for my story.

Someone told me I got a console that was pretty much not even complete and about 40 percent done. And last but not least the disc drive on this trinity slim is the (touch sensitive button) and it won’t even open. The button is broke. So that also is another thing that stops me from accessing my xel launch screen. So…there’s a few things going on that’s wrong with it.

Captain Rgh To the Rescue

I trust in you guys knowing what you’re doing. And just let me know if you can be of any assistance in my situation. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and give a thank you in advance because I’m just completely lost. And I feel that I’ve been screwed over too many times and I’m just tired of it. I just wish things were all set straight. I’m not sure what else to do from here but I believe I can count on you.”

As you can see this is why people can get turned off on these things.I included a video as well and also show where the Freaking moron put a 20 gig hard drive in a 320 case, just to make Cj think it was a 320 hard drive.

Geeze man i am glad i was able to help you out

All done!

The Unit is now Repaired I installed a 250 gig drive and repaired the Face plate cable and rewired the unit… Its up on Alliance Server with a 10 day trial of The Purge for gtaV. Thank you for your business Shipping her off tomorrow! Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening. Thank you for doing an Xbox Repair Sendin with us!

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