Xbox 360 Repaired for Justin Bogert

Justin, here is your Repaired RGH Xbox 360. Justin has been a long time customer of mine, he bought this unit a little over a year ago and he said he was having problems. Well Of course you would have problems if the hard drive was Formatted and Empty!!!! I want to strangle him! Well to make a long story short first thing was to remove the corrupt avatar update from the internal nand. The Second thing was to grab Humpty-Dumpty the hard drive and put his piece’s back together again.

After about 4 hours of completely piecing Humpty back together again all is right with the world.. His KV lasted on our Server 466 days. NO JUSTIN I AM NOT GIVING YOU A FREE KV Lmao.. Put me through hell I tell you. Anyways here she is all done and ready to go.

Justin, Thank you for your repeated business I am happy that there was really nothing wrong with the unit except for a formatted hard drive. Dude STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE FORMAT BUTTON and for Gods sake PAY ME BITCH! lol Kidding bro glad I could help!

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  • Jennifer says:

    Finally, someone that is trustworthy with ties to the modding community. My experience throughout the whole process with Tony, from send in service to the end was an absolute joy. You are a Mad Man Mr. Mondello!!!

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