Xbox 360 Fat RGH Console For Paul Smith

Paul, Here is your Xbox 360 Fat RGH Console. Small block unit 250 gigabyte drive that is fully loaded. The console has a Cool Runner Rev.C chip. Rgh 1.2 Method modified timing file. The Drive has Ltu with modified firmware so it can play backed up games as well. The syetm comes with the power supply and standard 3 month warranty. I installed the Modified ROL you wanted all done in blue.

Paul SMith Fat Xbox 360 Rgh

Paul, I would like to thank you for your business. We will be shipping her out on Monday Expect a tracking number Monday evening. Thank you again! Enjoy your Xbox 360 FAT RGH Console.

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  • Ender says:

    While it isn’t here yet, I’d like to say it looks just as amazing as I had hoped it would be when I ordered it. I have no doubts it will surpass my expectations.

  • Ender says:

    So, I’ve had my console for roughly two weeks now. It’s everything I’d hoped for and more I’ve had absolutely no problems with it, It runs perfectly each and every time I boot it up. If I ever order another console I’m definitely coming back here for it, The service was great. Tony was there every step of the way with me. I felt like more than just a customer which is something I definitely value in a seller.

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