Xbox 360 RGH Repair Service

Jennifer Smith’s Xbox 360 RGH Repair Service. Jennifer sent me in a Slim-e corona. She stated it was bricked. No that was not the case, in fact when I took the unit apart I found black tape holding the post out adapter in place. When I removed the motherboard from the frame one of the x-clamps was off of the heat-sink. This lead me to believe the unit suffered an overheat condition. We went ahead pulled the heat sink to find what was the equivalent to plaster instead of nice heat sink paste. Well I determined the unit overheated and cooked itself.

Jennifer had a lot of paid server menu’s and other things on there and she really wanted to get this thing fixed. Off to work I went, I told her I am not going to make any promises. We Re-flowed the XG-CPU applied new heat sink paste and we programmed a better timing file on the chip.

Fingers Crossed hoped for the best and the unit came back to life, then I went ahead and ran it for 3 hrs straight. Just wanting to make sure it wasn’t going to return to the overheat condition and fry itself. Happily all is right with the world as you can see in the video one console saved. Also fixed your battlefield 4 now that works and Modern Warfare 3. I left the rest alone as you asked me. Well as you can see the end result is in the video right here for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you for your business Jennifer, It is appreciated. Enjoy your console Lord knows I ripped my hair out to get it working. We will be shipping your console off tomorrow and Lorraine will have a tracking number for you by tomorrow evening.

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