Black Ops 4 Xbox One Custom By Tony Mondello

Here is one beast of an Black Ops 4 Xbox One custom console. This is my personal build of what I envisioned to be a proper Xbox One Black Ops 4 Edition Console. You can see from the photo and the actual video what it took to make this console. I had hours of design and engineering going into this Black Ops 4 Xbox One.

We here at the Gardendale Garage are not some one trick pony – shown here, as we do all types of custom work. I wanted to be able to demonstrate what we are capable of doing.

Very soon the customization section will be complete on our website allowing you to completely customize your custom xbox build to your specifications.

About this Xbox One build

This Xbox One build consists of a range of changes made to the stock console case. Starting custom engineered logos, developed on our design software, then transferred to our in-house CNC laser machine to be cut.

Every aspect is done to perfection, down to the etched texture on the gun grip. A custom front plate, themed orange true to the Black Ops 4 brand, etched, and cut, was then placed on the front of the console. To finish it off in true Tony Mondello style, remote LEDs bring it to life – something a console wrap could only dream of doing.

I offer such work as this to truly personalize anyone’s console. This includes Original Xbox consoles, Xbox 360 Consoles, Xbox One Consoles, PS2 consoles as well as PS4 consoles. If you have a special request like custom Nintendo systems, Sega your toaster or your loved one I am sure we can accommodate you (kidding about the loved one, although I have been thinking about getting into body modifications LOL).

As I was saying we are not a one trick pony show like a lot of these so called builders. If you really want it, and can dream it within the scope of our equipment, we will create it.

Thank you for viewing and please feel free to hit me up. I am a busy person but I will try to answer any questions.

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