Xbox 360 RGH Slim for Jill Barkouras

Xbox 360 RGH Slim with a Custom Modded Rol for Jill Barkouras. The system is setup and ready to go. We have a 250 Gig hard drive that is fully loaded with goodies. The motherboard is a trinity Flavor, sporting an Ace v3. with modified timing files to assure boot times will be fast. You will be getting a certified Microsoft power supply with this unit as well.

The system also comes with XeXmenu, Fsd dash, Jiggy for Blackops 2 Blue sky for Modern Warfare 2, Purge Menu for GtaV and other assorted menus.  I would like to thank you for your business. I will be shipping her off tomorrow, and you will receive a tracking number tomorrow evening. Thank you for purchasing your Xbox 360 RGH Slim and Merry Christmas!


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