Xbox RGH Send In Service Repair For Justin Short

Xbox RGH Send in Service repair for Justin Short’s Xbox 360 RGH slim. He purchased this system off of Ebay, and had nothing but problems with the unit. So he purchased a Xbox Send in Service repair. He mailed in the system which arrived in good condition.The unit had multiple problems, one the XGCPU BGA bus was bad.

We corrected the issue with a re flow of the processor. It had a matrix chip with the muffin timing files the boot time was horrid, we replaced the chip with an Ace v3. chip. We then re flashed the NAND with a modified SMC, using a modified timing file on the ace chip to attain a fast boot time we cleaned the unit up as I documented this with Justin through Facebook Messenger. I sent him all the photos of the before and after so he could see what he was paying for.

We then found out his hard drive was no good. It had bad sectors on the partition, so he opted for a 250 gig drive. I  then powered on the system, everything ran good with no issues. So here is your New baby and I am glad we could help you out with this unit. Please don’t ever buy an RGH off of Ebay you have no idea who these people are or what they are selling and trying to get refunded can be somewhat of a pain. I would like to thank you for your business and will be shipping her out tomorrow.

Your system is now Up on Alliance Servers with a 10 day Trial of The Purge for GtaV. You have 30 reserve days on the server. Enjoy your New RGH.


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