Xbox 360 Jasper Custom RGH Giveaway For Smodmas 2018

Xbox 360 Custom Rgh with a custom designed one of a kind 3 dimensional etched logo. Loaded with a 250 gig drive and power supply. I installed a Cool Runner rev.c chip with rgh 1.2 method with custom timing file. The DVD drive painted flash green. The air tube tunnel matches as well.

The system is for Smodmas 2018 Christmas Giveaway. Stuart holds it every year, so you can rest assured you will have a chance at this just follow this link to learn more about how to enter to win this beautiful custom Xbox 360 Rgh. Stu will be awarding it in the live stream to some lucky person. Will it be you? Stay tuned and find out and don’t forget to enter.

The live stream is set to take place : 18th/19TH DECEMBER FROM 7pm UK TIME

Don’t miss your chance on winning this Beautiful Xbox 360 Custom RGH console. Good luck everyone, from all of us here at the Gardendale-Garage Merry Christmas and Happy MODDING!



Posted by SMOD on Saturday, December 8, 2018

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  • Mike gore says:

    That is nice job.

  • Bill Brogan says:

    I been wanting a console by tony for 2 years now but cant afford one so i hope i can be the lucky winner mine aint at a good working order n i won a console last year but never did receive it and got told so many excuses n since february i havent heard anything from this person i dont want to put his name out but he is the owner of a server…thats how my luck has been but no matter i had a great time watching the smodmas program n will again this year so keep up the good worh tony n stu. And happy holidays to everyone….

  • tyler jones says:

    always good work from you tony

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